I was an Authorized Max ATV Dealer  

When Mudd-Ox bought out Recreatives, they did not offer me a dealership. If you want a current Max machine, you need to contact Matt at Mudd-Ox. (260) 768-7221.   Link to My Inventory – on my MAX ATV Blog site.

 I will continue to sell my carry over inventory and deal in used machines.  Contact the 4 Dot Ranch ( if something in my inventory suits your purpose.  I was Montana’s Max ATV dealer from May 15, 1994 until August 14, 2014.

Three Models to choose from:

MAX II– Can carry 2 full size men, and still has room for cargo. It weighs only 710 pounds, and exerts about one pound per square inch on the ground. It will go through the mud you couldn’t walk through, and swim across any still lake, pond or slow moving river or creek!

MAX IV– Although it’s only 10 inches longer than the MAX II, this ATV will carry four full-sized people through deep mud, water and snow . The MAX IV is the favorite of recreational users, industrial concerns and government agencies.

Buffalo– The 53″ x 51″ electrically operated dump body with a plastic coated bed can carry a lot of equipment to your work site! The Buffalo weighs 1135 pounds, and can fit into the bed of a standard pickup truck. Like all MAX ATVs the Buffalo is amphibious too! Coming equipped with a big 23 hp, twin cylinder four-cycle motor with more than enough torque to get through the deepest mud and snow.


  • Full time six wheel drive.MaxIV 6X6
  • Two and four passenger Max ATV models.
  • Max ATVCompletely amphibious.
  • Turns in its own radius.
  • Safety-you sit in a Max.
  • Great in snow.
  • Two-cylinder, four-cycle motors.
  • Automatic transmission.
  • Fits in standard pickup bed.


Max ATV The 4 Dot Ranch:    Fred Sowerwine – Owner                    8400 Theisen Road,  Belgrade, MT 59714                                                                   (406) 388 – 4521


  • Max Co.– Visit the Max Company for additional product information
  • Route 6×6– The 4 Dot Ranch is so confident of the Max’s performance and price we invite you to compare!  Route 6×6 connects to everybody
  •  My Max ATV Blog-Questions or comments link to my ATV Blog

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