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As questions come in, I will answer them here! Most recent at the top.

Q- I can't check my traps daily - how much of a mess will I have if I check them weekly?

A-Seven to fourteen days is no problem as long as you are using a liquid. The plain water soup will get a little strong in a month or so with two or three victims (I check my outside traps about monthly). RV antifreeze will allow it to go six months or longer. Use more liquid if your inspections are extended. Everything is in the bucket so it might smell a little bad when you pour it out, but there is no mess to clean up.

Q- What is the difference between your bucket trap and the others I read about on the internet?

A- I suppose the main difference is the ISS traps have no moving parts meaning nothing to malfunction and there is nothing to spook the intended victims. There is never a sense of alarm and multiple mice will follow each other to their death or into captivity. Once an attempt to get the bait is begun, the animal is caught without even knowing it. Any bucket trap is better than anything else available; The ISS trap is the only one you can just order; no need to find the materials and time to construct it or wait for someone to do it for you.

Q- I have one of your bucket traps and the bait and bait holder is gone. What do you think happened and can I fix my trap?

A- It appears (three instances now that I am aware of) that some dogs (maybe other animals) also like peanut butter and they are biting the bait holder off. I will send you a couple of bait holders and line to fix your trap and then, maybe put the trap where the dogs can’t get to it easily. You could make a cover out of chicken wire that would allow the mice to get to the ramp while keeping the dogs and others away.

Q-I'm concerned about my little children or pet getting in the bucket and drowning.

A- I don’t mean to belittle that situation, but the chances are very remote (I suppose one could also drown in a bowl of soup). And you can use less water. A mouse will drown in 1 inch of water. With about a quart, in a five gallon pail, the pail will tip over (would have some water on the floor to clean up) if something pulls on the lip or trys to climb in it. I would put the bucket trap out at night when activity is at a minimum and put it away during the daytime when little ones are active. You will catch your mice at night anyhow in a busy house. You can also go the live catch route and use it without any water at all, but it won’t be quite as easy as you will have to relocate whatever you catch.

Q-I want to catch mice alive, will your mouse trap work for that?

A- Sure, but you will need to use a container that is taller than a 5 gal pail – maybe a 7 gal pail or a waste paper basket (need at least 15 inches from the bottom to the top – the deeper the better). Could also use a pail within a pail and cut the bottom out of the inside pail. Don’t use any water and make sure whatever you use has steep slick sides that the mouse can’t climb up. Check it often as they will die quickly – might want to put some food and bedding in the bottom of the container to keep your buddies alive until you get to them.

Q-Can I use this mouse trap with other traps so I can know if it is working?

A- Sure, The only problem you might have is if there is too much available bait smell, the mice might not get to the ISS Mouse Trap for a while. If you have a bait with a good aroma, they will come to the ISS Mouse trap first because there is nothing about the trap that is scary to the mouse. You will know it’s working because you will have the evidence in your bucket.


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