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In an e-mail on 10-27-2011, Chris from MA says: “I’ve gotten 2 mice, 1 mouse, 1 mouse, 1 mouse, and then today 1 chipmunk! Its just setup in my garage to keep them at bay and to test it before the real season starts here in the northeast! ”

From my Amazon ISS mouse traps site: So far I’ve caught about 10 mice with it and they keep falling for it. I was so sick and tired of crafty little mice outsmarting me. Now I’ve got the last laugh as they fall for this trap every time. Even with several dead mice floating below they will still go for it. Steve A. 12-10-2007

From my Amazon ISS mouse traps site: The ISS Mousetrap was very easy to set and I caught two mice the first night. I liked that I didn’t have to touch the mice to empty the trap. S.J. 3-17-2007

I live in Delaware and have a problem w/ mice, especially in the late fall/early winter. i put the iss mouse trap in my shed. i remembered about 2 days later. when i went to check it out, there were 2 floaters. it seems too simple, but your trap works. thanks ray q 12-24-2006

I’m catching mice – these things are better than O.K. Bob, Texas 12-9-2006.

Hey Fred, Told you I would let you know how they worked and they work good. Been using your mouse traps for about a year now and have lost track of the capture. I’m using them in a barn so always have a constant supply. I think ten in one night in one bucket is the best I have ever done. Must admit, I was pretty skeptical at first, but you’ve got the best I have ever tried. We have two in one building and one each in two others. Thanks again. I’ll keep spreading the word. Martin M. Colorado 12-9-2006

Caught three mice this week. Marc D. CA 10-19-2006

Dear Mr. Sowerwine, I want to tell you that your trap came and we set it up about 2 pm in the garage. The next morning we had four mice. We have used it for a week now and have caught eighteen mice in all. We haven’t caught anything for two days, but will leave it up just to make sure.. I just wanted to tell you that you are right, it is simple and very effective. Best $8.00 we have ever spent on mouse traps. Sincerely, Mary O. New Jersey 3-1-2006

Update. The temp here is starting to cool and I am seeing more rodent activity. I caught a rat last week. He knocked over the ramp somehow but I can testify it will catch rats! Hope everything is going well in Montana. Marc, CA 9-18-2005

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